Movie Update: „I am not a Hipster“

I´m missing my movie posts, so here is a little update:



A few minutes ago (okay, now yesterday..) I finished watching „I am not a Hipster„(2012)  from  Destin Cretton, who also wrote the script . When I read the title for the first time, I thought it will be a movie about fashion, music and lifestyle. But it is totally different! It is a melancholic and quiet movie – soft and depressing at the same time. You follow the main character (Dominic Bogart) through one week of this life as a depressed singer/songwriter –  you see him failure, laughing and of course singing (the soundtrack is awesome!). I have to say that this was a really refreshing movie – er verlangt keine Meinung oder Urteil, sondern bedient sich einer Art von Schlichtheit die gleichzeitig unter die Haut geht. Zunächst scheint die Musik der Hauptfigur und das Leben in der heutigen Kunstszene zu stehen. Der Film entwickelt sich jedoch zu einer Art Drama, indem de Thematik des Verlustes eines Elternteils aufgezeigt wird.

Here is the official Trailer:

The Destin Cretton won in 2009 the Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival for his short film: „Short Term 12„. At the Festival he was called Hipster for the first time of his life: „I think it was because I was wearing a hoodie — I was cold. (…) I thought it was pretty funny, since I really didn’t think I fell into that category, but I guess nobody thinks they do. I honestly don’t know what that label means, and I’m pretty sure most people don’t.“ – he said in the interview from  The Salt Lake Tribune (Link).

This short video is from the 2009 Sundance Film Festival – with a little interview, so you get to know the director better:

Here is an interview with the director and the main charakter with a lot information about the movie and its process:

Hope you want to watch the movie now!


Okay, see you soon (^-^)/


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