Was I dreaming? – Japan: Looking back, looking forward

Its been a few months since I am back in Germany.

Bild 1

Leaving everybody and everything behind was the hardest thing ever.. when the Americans left after just 3 months I  thought I could never cry that much ever again – I was wrong. But it was also a good thing.. seeing so many people crying about you leaving, getting so many hugs and nice words – that really made me happy. And back in Hamburg I had to cry again. Than feeded my family and friends with the „Tokyo banana“.

After 1,5 months living at my parents house I  moved back to my University town. Finally I am able to put the pictures I took in Japan on my wall. But when I´m looking at them I feel weird „Wait a Second.. I was living in Japan for one year? I met all these awesome people? The person who is smiling into the camera is really me?“

It was always my dream to go to Japan.. when I was there, I still felt like dreaming.. now I am back in my new old life, back in reality – and that feels so weird and good at the same time. I guess the hardest part for me is not seeing my friends I met (and not be able to buy matcha stuff^^).

When I arrived in Frankfurt (..don´t ask me how.. thats another story) everybody looked the same. Finally I got on the train and I was totally pissed – after one year not hearing your native language it is totally annoying to understand e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e w.o.r.d . But now I´m over that (^-^) but there is still Japanese and English in my head – confusing and kinda nice at the same time.

„So Nini.. how was Japan? Was it worth it?“ – „Japan was awesome and yes.. every single second was worth it.“

When I was struggeling about going to Japan or not I always told myself that it will be an experience – good or not, that doesn´t matter. Now I can say that of course there were days I was upset, there were hard days but I never never even thought that I regret it or wanted to go back – never. I learned so much from my teachers, my friends and Japan itself.

I´m happy being home. Every single day that passes by, Japan becomes more and more a memory. And every day that passes by brings me more and more back to Japan. I will come back(!)… just have to figure out how.. but I already got some ideas. Yeah actually I have a lot ideas which not always include going back to Japan. Well, who knows…

Anyways… I miss you guys, I love you and you are always welcome in my home.. you can get coffee, chocolate, good cheese, black bread and Nini cake as much as you want!


Take care guys! See you soon (^-^)/

PS: I will upload a little video about my town on my youtube channel TheTravelCake soon-ish. Check it out if you like!


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